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UV Protect X Whitening Daily Defence Cream SPF30★★

UV Protect X Whitening Daily Defence Cream SPF30★★

24 hours skin monitoring, be guarded of every inch of your skin. Nourishing while whitening which break the traditional makeup concept and become younger!


  • Whitening, Anti-wrinkle, Moisturizing, UV protection, Nourishing

Suitable for

  • All skin types, especially those with uneven skin tone


HKD $109.0


Water-locking magnet:Preventing water loss from skin & playing long-lasting moisturizing effect.
Ion hyaluronic acid & small molecular hyaluronic acid:Penetrating through corneum which hydrates, smoothes and moisturizes your skin.
Porphyridium polysaccharide:Efficient moisturizing, improve skin moisture and form a layer of silky-like film on the skin.
Soy Collagen & Honey:Skin-friendly and the molecular size similar to skin tissue results in keeping moisturizes to skin.

Help postponing aging

Coenzyme Q10:Inhibition of elastase to achieve anti-aging effect.
Vitamin E:Prevent aging and maintain youthful vitality.


Tranexamic Acid:To inhibit melanin, improve uneven skin tone and pigmentation and whitening & shiny skin.
Seaweed extract:Promote metabolism, moisturizing and softening the skin.


  1. Dispense a proper amount on forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.
  2. Then evenly spread out the cream with a makeup sponge.
  3. Palm temperature can long lasting the makeup effect, and evenly skin colour.

The product might require makeup remover for deep cleansing.