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Fallacy of Beauty

Fallacy 1: misunderstanding the skin whitening ability of Milk


There is a rumor that milk can whiten the skin. The purpose of people drink milk is for skin whitening instead of calcium supplement.


Truth: Our skin tone is solely based on the content of melanin within the epidermis and the influence of endocrine such as ultraviolet radiation, before menstruation, pregnancy, etc. The conditions of ultraviolet radiation and the accumulation of melanin will cause the skin tone to be darkened. So far, there is no scientific research to prove that the skin tone can be changed and the melanin metabolism can be affected by drinking milk solely. Therefore, there is no scientific proof that milk can whiten the skin.


Fallacy 2: misunderstanding about soy sauce darken the skin


According to the old generation, the dark color of soy sauce will cause your skin tone become black if over absorption


Truth: There is no scientific proof that soy sauce does not affect the melanin formation and metabolism, the inference is same as drinking milk can cause skin whitening. However, soy sauce is the traditional seasonings a lot of salt is added with the high content of sodium during manufacturing. It is not healthy for cardiovascular and will increase the blood pressure. Hence, for your health, it is suggested to absorb less soy sauce.

Fallacy 3: misunderstanding about squeeze the acne


It was rumored that squeezing the acne can help the acne recovery by expel the pus; the skin can be smoother.


Truth:Almost every adolescent male and female have had the experience of squeezing acne. In fact, squeezing the acne may cause more severe inflammation, skin irritation and left pock. Since the hands are unsterilized, acne skin wounds may be infected and even lead to serious complications such as bacteria goes into the blood. So please be reminded to use clean water to cleanse your face and have light-based diet, also, do not use your hands to squeeze acne.

Fallacy 4: misunderstanding about not squeeze acne will not leave scars


A rumor was spread that there will be no scars if you do not squeeze the acne.


Truth: The inflammation of acne is the chief reason of leaving scar related with the inflammation area, depth, content and its growth. The acne will become worse if you squeeze it before the acne is not yet formed as pus and may cause serious inflammation. Or, if there are many acnes grow in the nearby area simultaneously, it will leave as scar even you do not squeeze it by yourself.

Fallacy 5: misunderstanding to use the mask as long as possible


There are many people believe a rumor that the effect of mask depends on the duration when you put on your face. Then, people often leave the mask on the face for more than one hour.


Truth: It is not suggested to leave the mask on you face long time. As the ingredients are based on the proportion of the organic ingredients and the effective time is designated. Thus, it is highly recommended to read through the instruction before using the mask. Just take the example of Beautymate Yamagata Cherry Nano Mask is suggested to leave on your face for 15-20 minutes and should not exceed 30 minutes, if you leave the mask on your face over suggested duration, the mask will absorb the moisture from your skin and thus may affect the moisturizing function of the mask.


Fallacy 6: Believe in the functionality of DIY mask spread from the Internet


Many people like searching the formula of home-made mask from Internet and believe deeply for that it is more natural and effective.


Truth: It is easy and convenient to search the recipe of DIY home-made mask in the Internet and it claims that the effect is better. In addition, as there is no control and monitoring for all information spread in Internet, the recipe of the DIY mask may be fabricated. Actually, DIY mask is very risky to your skin as the production instruction and raw materials may not be completely sterilized. Also, the amount proportion of the ingredients is difficult to be controlled. Therefore, it may led to allergic skin reaction or even permanent damage to your skin unless you produced the DIY mask in a recognized laboratory.

Fallacy 7: Mistakenly believe that the hydrogen peroxide can whiten your skin


In recent years, a rumor circulated that a Korean star using hydrogen peroxide for skin whitening; simply mixing hydrogen peroxide with water soaked towels and then put on the face for a few minutes for excellent skin care result.


Truth: Hydrogen peroxide is used for disinfectant, fungicide usage, as a matter of fact, it can whiten your skin surface. However, because of the intensive permeability and Strong oxidizing functionality with high density might burn your skin. Your skin will become rough and may cause vitiligo if you intend to use it for long term.

Fallacy 8: Mistakenly believe that toothpaste can cure acne pox


Recently, a star wrote a book to introduce her experience of handling blemish problems, it indicated that toothpaste can expel the inner heat of the body and it is able to eliminate the acne if putting a little amount of toothpaste on it.


Truth: Pasting toothpaste on the acne not only cause skin allergies, but also makes the acne more serious even though the toothpaste contains disinfectant ingredients. Nevertheless, the oral environment and the skin surface are completely different and it will lead to adverse effect. It is recommended to have light diet and pay attention to keep your face clean instead.