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Acne Problems Tips

Acne Problems Tips


Blemish is named as acne in medical’s point of view; it is most commonly appeared very tiny in the face and the back. The acne will become bigger when the skin around is getting swelling. During the mid-term of the acne, the pus inside the ance will appear and formed as yellow or white sore. While the acne is getting serious, the acne may spread around and the size may be as big as a bean. It may leave a scar after the acne is faded.


Tips for handling acne problems

(1)Acne grows on oily skin type mostly
Oily skin is particularly vulnerable to growing acne as the sweat glands, sebaceous glands secrete more oil, and the cuticle level is comparatively thicker than other skin type. Moreover, during hot and humidity seasons, it often leads to excessive oil secretion and this may block the pores, bacteria will be easily propagated and accumulated and will generate acne eventually.
Tip: It is important to use moisturizing facial cleansing products when cleansing your face. On the other hand, it is suggested to have light diet.


(2) Acne caused by weather changes


The acne will be formed for particular people when the climate changes including the temperature or humidity changes rapidly. It may induce a series of regulatory changes inside your body. The acne will be formed when the regulatory function failure, however, this kind of acne only appears temporary and will be faded after a few days.

Tip:Use moisturizing facial cleansing products when cleansing your face to make your skin hydration level balanced. On the other hand, it is suggested to have light diet.


(3) Acne caused by endocrine disorders and menstrual cycle


Endocrine system disorder and menstrual cycle are other reasons which lead to the growth of acne. Some ladies are suffering this problem during menstrual cycle and it will recover after the cycle ends.

Tips:Eat more organic fruits and vegetables and do not eat any foods which contain hormone. Although the endocrine cannot be adjusted by cleansing, nevertheless, you are advised to clean your face as usual.


(4) Acne caused by constipation and Inner heat


From the perspective of traditional medicine, the inner heat inside the body will induce toxic heat. Also, constipation can lead to the accumulation of toxin in the body and it is difficult for detoxification. Eventually, the accumulation of toxin may result the growth of acne.

Tip:Consume high fiber foods, organic vegetables and juice which are helpful for bowel movement, it is suggested to consume at least 6 cups of water daily.


(5) Acne caused by tense


Both physiology and psychology are important, if it is loss of balance for either side, health problems may occur. If we are living in a long-term stress environment, the symptom of dark face color and light acne often appear on your face. Apart from that, chronic insomnia and nervous tension can also lead to pressure on the emergence of acne.

Tip: Try to open and relax yourself from pressure, you are advised to take a short holiday as the reward of your hard-working. People should be forced to relax the pressure, try to open on its own, dedicated to others, or you can put a holiday, as a hard return after an appropriate and timely respite, like a desert Oasis, and to support reasonable Diet and facial cleanliness, and ease the pressure has a positive role in acne. Also, it has positive effect to your acne problem if you maintain light diet and face cleansing.


(6) Acne caused by improper diet
In general there are foods are divided into 2 kinds, hot and cold foods. Inner heat will be produced if eating too much hot food and it will lead to the growth of acne simultaneously. Besides, cooking methods of frying, baking, deep frying will make the food becomes “hot” and it will cause accumulation of inner heat inside the body.

Tip:Eat less spicy food is one of the remedies, most of the spicy foods belong to “hot” food and most of the foods after deep fried will cause inner heat accumulation. Therefore, you are recommended to eat less. Eating more organic vegetables, drinking more water and paying attention to clean your skin are important to avoid the growth of acne.