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Beauty Do & Don’t

Beauty tips-Do part


Should take more food with antioxidant ingredients


Eating more foods containing antioxidants may reduce the extent of the damage suffered by cells and may indirectly enhance the immune system, reduce the opportunities for disease. Suggest taking more food with rich vitamin C, E, green tea polyphenols and grape polyphenols, which are all the ingredients with antioxidant effects. You can also consume more fruits. As grape polyphenols exist in grape seeds, you can change drink grape juice, grape polyphenol intake to be effective.


Pay attention to moisture


Suggest to drink 8 glasses of water a day and always carry moisturizing products, timely to add, to avoid the appearance of fine lines and dry skin there.


Get well sun protection


  1. In the outdoors, try to avoid skin exposure to sunlight. Try to choose a shelter of clothing. Also, apply sunscreen product before any outdoor activities. In the purchase of sunscreen products not only look at SPF, but should also contain anti-UVA and UVB is the dual function. UVA can cause skin aging; UVB sun is the skin of red and the main cause of sunburn.
  2. In addition to both indoor and outdoor, we should get well prepared under the sun (because of interior walls, the glass will be reflected ultraviolet light, halogen lamps used indoors, fluorescent lamps also contain ultraviolet light). For indoor or cloudy day, UVA damage can still penetrate clouds and glass skin, causing dark spots and wrinkles, so even in the indoor work, or is cloudy, should use sunscreen.


Sufficient sleep


Sleeping period is a critical time for skin repairing. As 11:00pm to 2:00am every night regarded as "beauty time", the skin metabolism is the most vigorous at this time. If you want the skin also maintains the vitality of the young and the natural ability to repair, do not overlook the effectiveness of sleeping beauty feel. Besides, sleep can also help muscles relax.


Gentle cleaning


We must avoid excessive pulling on the skin during cleaning. It is recommended to do cleaning with the middle finger and ring finger of the pulp, less likely to cause skin load.


Massage on the skin that expression lines easily come out


To avoid the appearance of expression lines, it is suggested that you can massage from time to time on those tender skin (such as the brow, eye tail, mouth, etc.)


Balanced diet, regular exercise


It is recommended doing intense exercises more than 3 times a week. The intensive exercise not only for weight control and promote blood circulation, but also speed up the metabolism. Eating in accordance with enough food pyramid, it helps to control their food intake to maintain a moderate weight, you can prevent cellulite profile formation.



Reduce peroxide formation

Free radical peroxide is made of peroxide. If you can avoid, you can prevent cell oxidation. For example, reduce smoking, eat less fried food, etc., can effectively prevent the formation of peroxides.

Do not over clean the skin

Excessive washing will stimulate your skin acne, the problem is exacerbated. You should clean the face twice per day with Beautymate Nano cleanser.

Do not squeeze pimples

Do not squeeze pimples, this would result in skin irritation or scarring.

Avoid sleep late

Continuously sleep late will make the skin dull and old.

Reduce over pulling of eye skin

As the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and tender, you should be gently remove the makeup and should not pull hard skin. Do not rub the eyes, squint eye, blink of bad habits

Avoid grasping the skin

If skin appears uncomfortable symptoms, try to avoid scratching with your fingers. That is because the organizational structure of the skin will be destroyed, causing skin relaxation, and even scarring.

Avoid excessive weight loss

Avoid weight loss, diet, resulting in malnutrition or the phenomenon of a sudden drop in weight, because fat mass rapid change will affect the elasticity of the skin.