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Beauty Tips

Antioxidant Food


Grapefruit - Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C with other antioxidant and vitamins, the calorie is low, only about 70 cal for each. According to research, eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice daily, it will be a very good way to lose weight.



Spinach - Spinach contains plentiful of vitamins C, E and folic acid. It can inhibit the formation of melanin and pigmentation, while spinach also contains high levels of iron, can promote hematopoietic function and blood circulation. It is good to whitening the dark color of skin and improving the the skin nature correspondingly.


Corn – Corn contains plentiful of nutrients and anti-oxidant, it is effective to diminish lentigo. In addition, it contains dietary fiber which can stimulate intestinal movement to clean up the waste inside the body and improves the skin nature correspondingly.


Lychee - Lychee with a wealth of nutritional value, including vitamins, folic acid, and citric acid, malic acid and other organic acids; and containing free arginine and tryptophan. According to the research, lychee can promote microvascular blood circulation, prevent stains, smoothen the skin in the color of beauty white, and moisture the skin to gain nature complexion.


Grape – Grapes contains rich element of antioxidant which includes Anthocyanosides, Procyanidins, Quercetin, Resveratrol and Organic Acid. Anthocyanosides can effectively eliminate the damage of free radical caused by ultraviolet. Besides against oxidation, grapes have been testified that it is powerful to resist cancer. Since most of the nutrients are stored in the seeds and cutis, the best way for absorption is squeeze it to be juice.


Citrus – Citrus includes Norethisterone, together with tomato, they are the richest Vitamin C combination. They can speed up the vitamin C absorption in your body and make your skin shine and smooth.


Tomato – Contains Lycopene, Carotene, Vitamin C and Quercetin. All of them are the best elements of anti-oxidation, against the damage from free radical, prevent heart diseases. It is also helpful for anti-aging and keeps your skin white and smooth.


Honey – Honey is strong in anti-oxidation, can strengthen your health as well as improves your skin texture. It helps to restrain the formation of melanin, speed up the renewal of skin cells, makes your skin being smooth and elastic. Direction: Mix natural honey with 20-30 grams of warm water, drink day and night.



Skin Whitening Food


Sesame – Sesame is rich in anti-oxidant with several of vitamin which can protect the skin cells against the damage from free radical, prevent the formation of melanin and lentigo, make your skin whitens and fresh.


Lemon – Lemon contains plenty of Vitamin C which is able to restrain the formation of melanin and lentigo, keeps the skin white and soft. However, the lemon juice is not recommended to apply on the skin directly which may cause irritation to your skin and even promote the absorption of sunshine and eventually make your skin dark. The best way for absorption is squeeze it to be juice.


Cucumber - cucumber contains a wealth of potassium, vitamin C, carotene and other nutrients. The natural antioxidants can alleviate the UV damage to the skin, and also eliminate the burning sensation after exposure under sun light, eliminate dark spots. Cucumber is capable of whitening the skin.


Kiwifruit - Kiwifruit are rich in vitamin C, the content of vitamin C is 2 times more than orange, which is a main component of the body's collagen, high levels of vitamin C can enhance the activation of cells in the body, promote metabolism, inhibit the formation of melanin within the skin, keeping fair complexion.



Skin Elastic Food


Walnut – It contains Vitamin B1, B2 and B6 which is essential to accelerate metabolism and the speed of skin cells renewal, makes your skin firm and elastic.


Cauliflower - Cauliflower is rich in vitamin C, can inhibit the formation of melanin to prevent dark spots and freckles generation. Vitamin C is also helps to produce collagen. In addition, cauliflower with high content of vitamin A, can keep the skin smooth. It is known as the healthy vegetables in the world.


Tofu - Tofu are rich in nutrients, including vitamin B2 which can promote fat metabolism and maintain skin moisture level, long-term use can soften the skin and gain the nature constitution of healthy skin.


Milk – Milk contains plenty of protein which is an important element to accelerate and activate the cells renewal. It also contains rich calcium which is able to enrich your bone and teeth to avoid osteoporosis.


Sardines - Sardines are rich in vitamin B2, D, protein and calcium. To promote the nail, hair, skin growth, and have more healthy hair. It also makes skin color more evenly. Effectively delay the cell aging. It can be used in skin aging and mend the skin wrinkle.


Rose bud tea – Red bud tea is a mild healthy drink and it is suitable to drink every day. It is essential for improving some common women illness such as poor blood circulation and menstrual discomfort. Directions: Brew the rose bud into hot water, can serve with sugar or honey for better taste.


Hami melon – Hami melon is one of the most juicy fruit types which can help to assuage thirst and keep the skin moisture. It is a good supplement for absorbing soluble vitamin and speed up metabolism if taking half of it every day, it also helps to make your skin firm and moisture.



Slim Food


Onion - Onion can help lower cholesterol. In modern material society, there is a phenomenon that more and more people being fat and overweight, the incidence of hyperlipidemia is more common in the younger. Adequate intake of the onion is a good way to prevent obesity.


Cassia seed tea - Cassia has lipid-lowering ability, good for the bowel movement, improves eyesight effect. Green tea has a reduced fat, slimming, whitening effect. Administration: Put the cassia seed, green tea, 6 grams each into the cup and add some boiling water, soak 5 minutes. Indications: cool throat and tastes good, lipid-lowering and detoxification.


Red beans - Red beans is capable of clearing and detoxifying the spleen and Stomach. Increase the bowel movements, promote urination and reduce constipation. It can maintain the intestinal health, and also can reduce the body fat of the lower part.


Apple – Apple contains rich dietary fiber which can stimulate intestinal movement to clean up the waste inside the body. It helps to stimulate the body function and improves the skin nature correspondingly.