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Acne Repairing Serum 15ml

Acne Repairing Serum 15ml

It focuses on all-rounded acne skin problems, aims in repairing, improving and comprehensive care. It purifies skin and makes skin become flawless & smooth.


  • Water-oil balance, purifies skin, relief redness, reduce spot problems, fade acne spot

Suitable for

  • All skin types, acne-prone skin


HKD $59.9

Plants extract repairing Series. Three phases to reduce acne problems!

Strictly select a variety of plant extracts, which acts on three stages of skin repairing effect. Triple hits to acne problems: Eliminate, Repair and Fade acne spots.

Details information

Tea tree oil: removes dirt and dissolves grease clogging in the pores, water-oil balance.
Sunflower oil: rich in vitamin E, which helps to slow down skin aging, skin becomes smooth, white
Lavender extract water: to promote cell activation, soothe and calm the skin, relief redness.
Iris Extract: with excellent purifying and resistance ability to skin and fine pores.
White willow bark extract: mildly eliminates old cuticle and soothe skin surface, makes skin smooth and delicate
Vitamin B5: powerful in moisturizing, gives shiny and moist to the skin.


After cleansing, apply proper amount onto acne, gently massage until absorbed.